I got on ROBLOX.

Got into the game

I decided to play warrior cats roleplay. I saw someone in the game, but I ignored them. I was typing in my character, Joined Thunderclan, the person followed me. Then I started roleplaying. “The tabby she cat pounced on the mouse, and slashed her paw at its neck, killing it” the player followed me, then the player said "*claws at the tabby she cat and bites*".

I felt the pain in real life. Then she said "*kills*". I felt a very bad pain. Then the screen went black. I only saw blood. Then I was in a game called malevolent:

I was in a dark room.

The game

Then I walked into this room. I saw blood and darkness. “Hello?” I yelled, “Anyone Here?”.

There was nobody there.

The room

I was walking to this door. There were a skeleton and a dead body


The door

I walked out of the room and went to this room. A ghost with bleeding eyes stared at me. Another ghost had no head. The ghost's head was on the other side of the sofa.


The ghost with bleeding eyes

I walked into another room. It was red and bloody, and there were torches on the wall. I saw this person's face. I recognize it, but I had never seen it before.


The red fricking scary room

Then I left the game. My avatar changed,


The avatar

And my status.


My status and my profile

(It said You Shouldn’t Have Joined.) I remembered the person who followed me. I remembered their username, so I decided to search their name.


The user who was following me

This is not real

I just made it up to try making a creepy story

the user did not follow me

I wasn’t even playing the warrior cats game

This is fake



the face similiar to unknown people in dream[[Category: ]]