You go to the front page, and spot your favorite Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Roleplay Game, to click on "Play", and join a server. But something wasn't right. First of all, it looked nothing like Roblox. Atari-esque graphics with pixelated text at the top, saying "SCORE 000". And there was a.. puppet. It moved from room to room, while a strange mechanical voice spelled out words, like "SAVE THEM", "SAVE HIM", or "HELP THEM". You followed the puppet, hoping to find out whatever was going on, and a purple man showed up, with a yellow badge, like they give to the security guards. But he was the murderer. He killed THEM. He walked to you. He got closer. "SAVE THEM, SAVE THEM, SAVE THEM-"

The purple man had a knife in his hand, and cake in the other.