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*RECOVERED* Leaked ROBLOX Vault 8166 incident

What Is Vault 8166?

Vault 8166 was rumored to be a remote server on Roblox where unexplainable things beyond usual are occurring. It is allegedly a secret map run by unknown hackers who can watch or monitor activity between users. It is said that anyone who goes there can gain access to certain information on Roblox and obtain access to an entire database of installations, GUIs, and programs. This facility is believed to be the birthplace of the most dangerous exploits in the games. Software, bots, or viruses are also stored here that have been placed and hidden into Roblox models or plugins. The intentions and history of this place have yet to be known.

On 9/14/2020, the public version of the facility was released. The UI panels within the facility cannot be accessed, and it is implied that all connections to a hidden API network have been disabled, although it is possible to execute some scripts by chatting leaked codes. The facility is divided into multiple "levels," As of date, levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 have been found.

The First Mention of Vault 8166

On November 15th, 2016, an anonymous user created a thread on the Roblox talk sub-forum. This user claimed to have accidentally gotten onto this "unknown place" while testing out a teleporter for a game. The thread summarizes how "evil is operating behind our eyes" and that there is a place where dangerous people are gaining access to user profiles and other information as we speak. This secret place was referred to as "Vault 8166". A few hours after the thread was posted, word went out. Mysteriously, the forum was nowhere to be found, along with the user who posted it. Moderators may have taken off the thread. If not, something else was at work, and it wanted the forum thread gone.

A new footage has surfaced on 7/8/2022 revealing a whole new perspective to the infamous leaked Roblox incident footage, this new footage also gave a more detailed look into the players seen in the footage, although there names are still not visible the previously 'red head' user was shown to have dark red head and arms, a dark green torso, and black legs. While the user colored black is shown to have red fire, and a particle emitter resembling a cross bone skull. The footage also disproves a theory of there being 3 users, as seen in the footage the red head user walks off screen and then returns a second later, jumps and the guardian is seen attacking the user with red fire. For a few frames the red fire user is seen flying off screen as the guardian appears behind the users. Afterwards the video ends.


Recovered Footage from 2016 - Vault 8166

New Leaked Roblox Vault 8166 Incident Footage

First Leaked Incident

The first footage of the facility (first leaked in January 2017) was infamous for its mysterious footage. For years there has been speculation and debate about what this entity is. It is usually spotted near the entrance to level 3, and most believe it to be a "guardian" of the facility.

In 2021 alone, multiple incidents have been uploaded to YouTube that intrigued users to investigate more. Users have managed to capture strange occurrences in the vault that are not supposed to happen. Users with exploits have breached the vault in many ways to scare off the users investigating.

Rising incidents also include the "smoke detectors" seen throughout the base emitting paranormal behavior, including their eye turning red when agitated. They are placed throughout the facility and are usually harmless but sometimes can crash the victim. Unknown third parties most likely control these [devices?] to watch users who enter the base.

The Guardian

As previously mentioned, Vault 8166 has a guardian.

Original Version

Almost nothing is known about the Guardian in the private version of Vault 8166, efforts to un-redact or discover an unredacted version of Handbook 8166 is not yet underway.

Public Version

Close up image of the guardian

Close-up image of the guardian

The Guardian as seen in multiple footages on YouTube (Notably the original attack footage) is portrayed as a fast skinny black figure with a black particle emitter on its head and upper torso.

The Guardian was controlled by a now-banned user, this would most likely explain why the guardian would make a turn like it did in the hallway of the original footage.

It is not known how many incidents there are from the vault's creation up until this point, nor is it known if the Private Version of Vault 8166 is still operating (chances are it is).

Primary Guardian Model Name: OP@111########ll#

The Level 5 Guardian

The Level 5 Guardian more widely known as the 'Golden' Guardian for its unique golden stripes on the side of its limbs (excluding the head) can be found in Level 5 and it is the most dangerous entity in the Vault due to its unique ability to Perma-ban players from re-entering Vault 8166

For those who are caught by the Golden Guardian now, it appears to just kick you from the game with the message stating "YOU FAILED TO SURVIVE"

This is different for those who have been banned. Anyone caught by the Golden Guardian when it was first added will experience this message if they tried to rejoin ""Your time is limited." -Mark Twain"

As of 2022 due to various incidents involving the Golden Guardian all users previously banned are now unbanned, it is unknown if this will be permanent.

The Golden Guardian is only able to detect you if you walk into its 'Golden' light because of this it is advised to avoid it entirely.

Incident 5/20/2021

On 5/20/2021, the automated guardian entity of level 5 went rogue and became controlled by an unknown exploiter. It was able to escape the pit of Level 5 and make its way into level 4 and then into Level 1. How the NPC was able to run Level 5 and move around the base is unsolved. The footage is available of the incident.


Vault 8166 Incident Footage 5-20-21

Log of the incident recorded in Pacific Standard Time (PST).

  • 7:48 AM - Level 5 Guardian sounds heard near Level 4, users seen running away from Level 4 area.
  • 7:50 AM - Level 5 Guardian made its way into level 1 hall and walked down the hall until reaching the white guardian chamber.
  • 7:55 AM - Level 5 Guardian is seen wandering in the entrance to Level 3, where the regular guardian is usually seen.
  • 7:59 AM-8:02 AM - Attacking spree begins.
  • 8:03 AM - Went to level 1 and started attacking users near the infamous main hall from the first footage.
  • 8:04 AM - It made its way to the spawn and started spawn killing.
  • 8:06 AM - the server was shutdown/locked

Around 20 minutes later, the rogue Level 5 Guardian re-emerged and made its way into Level 1 and spawn killing incoming users for around 40 minutes before the server shutdown once again.

Incident 10/9/2021

On 10/9/2021, an unknown user breached the vault and caused chaos. The user managed to get control of the smoke detector leading to level 3 and the smoke detector leading into the big white room. The user spam activated the two smoke detectors. It was scaring users in the game. On further inspection, both alarms were not agitated, intriguing some users to investigate.

At the same time, there were screams heard in the vault randomly throughout the day, making users freak out. There was also a different ringing sound that was not affiliated with any smoke detectors.


Incident 11/13/2021

Image of the users interacting with the weird floating ladders.

An unknown user managed to add more ladders into the big white room on level 1. The ladders were unanchored. For unknown reasons, at random times, some of the ladders seemed to float, intriguing the users when the incident occurred.


Incident 2/27/2022

On 2/27/2022, an incident occurred like no other. Users in the vault were randomly getting attacked and then instantly kicked. It was unknown what kicked the users until later in the recorded footage.

The culprit of the incident was a user named "Sambloxiki" he was able to capture the golden Guardian. After the capture, he began to teleport a guardian to each player for an inconspicuous time, thereby throwing out users from the server.

After the user who recorded the incident was kicked, many users panicked and left level 1 to different vault areas. Later in the day, another user recorded the alarm leading to the big white room randomly activating without it becoming white which us very strange. Then the video cuts to users getting attacked and kicked again.

Log of the incident recorded Pacific Standard Time (PST).

  • 5:53 PM - The Attacking spree begins.
  • 5:57 PM - Users panic and head off to different areas of the vault.
  • 5:59 PM - The attacks stop, and most of the users have rejoined.
  • 6:01 PM - The Alarm mysteriously goes off, and the attacking spree starts again.
  • 6:02 PM - Most if not all of the users have left.

Footage 1

Footage 2

Incident 6/16/2022

On 06/16/2022, an anonymous user managed to free the Level 5 Guardian again and appears to have taken control of it. The guardian managed to free itself two times from users reporting on the incident. The first instance of this happening wasn't recorded, but the second one is.

The Guardian twitched very frequently as it wandered through the vault, and moved at incredibly high speeds. The Guardian also seemed to have destroyed tons of ladders that weren't there originally, as seen upon entering Level 1. Recordings were spliced to document the actions of the Guardian.


Other Incidents

There are multiple other Footages that have been uploaded to YouTube showing surprise attacks made by the Guardian. The Playlist shows incidents of all sorts happening in the facility, most of which are guardian breaches done by unknown users. However, these Footages are minor and usually aren't chaotic.

There are so many minor incidents related to the guardian's and the smoke detectors that we can't cover them all here, so you're going to have to search for them yourselves.


Although not much is known about the facility, anyone who enters the game will spawn at Level 1. To get anywhere else in the facility can only be done through secret passages or BTools.

Now we know this only means about the public version of the facility, and even then, not completely.

  • Level 1 - Most visible area of the game. Does not contain much but guardian sightings are most frequent hereLevel1.png.png
  • Level 2 - A large and dark room with two high floors on both sides with computersLevel2.png.png
  • Level 3 - Entrance is past the big white room and smoke detector trap in Level 1. Most likely what the guardian entity is trying to protect. Level3.png.png
  • Level 4 - Next to the entrance of Level 2, contains a floating skull and hall of strange data blocks.Level4.png.png
  • Level 5 - Can be found in level 4. It is the most dangerous area in the facility.Level5.png.png
  • Level 6 - Unknown
  • Level 7 - Easy entrance through level 1, does not seem to hold much, there is a place past a code door, past that is an empty room, and an active Smoke DetectorRobloxScreenShot20220227 221614612.png
  • Level 8 - Unknown
  • Level 9 - Unknown

The hallway shown in the first footage in 2016 takes place in Level 1, and it was most likely that the Guardian was chasing the users because they tried to enter Level 3.

A logical explanation for why the "creature" is most spotted near the entrance of level 3 is that the level holds many secrets, and users often search for the most secretive stuff. Hence, the creature guards are the most before anyone can see or access something special.

Different screen boxes showing storage logs contain a record of scripts, plugins, and other assets submitted to the database of Vault 8166. None of the usernames are shown, but one of the screen logs above the big white room in Level 1 contains an "EXTRA LAYER SECURITY THEY KNOW" submitted on 10/30/2016, which was around the time that rumors started to surface about Vault 8166.

Handbook 8166

A public document has surfaced with insider info on Vault 8166. It contains brief history and information about the facility. A vital code is revealed on page 8, which gives any user the ability to bypass some security measures in Vault 8166. The author is anonymous.

On 1/04/2022, the handbook was updated with more info related to the Guardian and the effects of what happened to the facility after the infamous 2017 footage leaked onto the internet.

Smoke Detectors

As previously mentioned, vault 8166 has Smoke Detectors. These are appliances [entities?] seen in Vault 8166. They are placed throughout the facility and are usually harmless, only known to be lethal in the most remote areas of the facility by crashing the victim. Their purpose is to be some backup if the Guardian misses you.

The green smoke detector

the red smoke detector

They have one glowing eye, which will turn red when "agitated." One theory is that they are being controlled by an anonymous source to spy on users, but this is unproven. The smoke detector's eye can also turn white, although it's not sure what this indicates, and very rarely, the smoke detector's eye can admit no color. It's unknown if the smoke detectors could emit other sources of light.

Something very noteworthy is that when the smoke detector's eye turns white, it makes a weird sound, which we still don't know why it does that to this day. There is also a minimal chance of the smoke detectors breathing; there are many reports of it happening and users witnessing the event.

the dark blue smoke detector

It is unknown if these smoke detectors could do more cause these are the only recorded 'incidents' of these devices interacting with users in the vault, but it's most likely they could do much more.

the white smoke detector

A detailed inspection of the Smoke Detector model reveals five scripts labeled Alarm, Flash, Masterscript, Normal, and Watching. Each is contained in a single value labeled 'Brain.'

It's most likely that the smoke detectors with the ability to crash people are there not to let people see anything significant in the vault.

It is believed that the Smoke Detectors are controlled via Gui or some other method like one of the monitors scattered across the vault, or are being controlled by some other entity. More info about the smoke detectors is in the handbook.

If you see the smoke detector light red and it makes a breathing sound, then someone is watching through the smoke detector.


  • An old screenshot of Vault 8166 without players

    The numbers in the title are the first four numbers of 1x1x1x1's user-id. But it is unknown whether 1x1x1x1 is affiliated with Vault 8166 or not.
  • Vault 8166 is believed to have existed since 2014, although this has never been confirmed.
  • The server itself will not show up on recently played games.
  • The LVL5 Guardian's theme song is the Barney theme song Pitched at 0.15. (True).
  • Users caught by the guardian are logged on a Trello board which is found here. It seems however that the Trello board is no longer active, most likely due to the Guardian being inactive in the facility.
  • There are many codes that can be executed that can do strange and useful things, users have discovered multiple executable codes in the vault, and it's most likely that there are many more codes.
  • There are areas in the vault where you can see but can't go to because of invisible barriers. They seem to hold nothing interesting for now.
  • There might be multiple [alleged] entities in the vault, but there have been no recorded incidents or sightings of other entities in the facility.
  • The public version is not the real Vault 8166, it's just a server through which you can get into the real server, but no one knows how.
  • One of the users from the Original Attack Footage has been identified as esaelP_Tnod, this was discovered by an unknown Roblox User (Presumably multiple).