WeirdEverybody knows that there are unused parts of memory, most they are in type of easter eggs, rest of them are just abandoned functions or assets that wouldn't have any practical use. Roblox had quite big number of them, althrough they were small, almost impossible to find. While looking at Roblox Studio's using disassembler, we can find how things are done. It covers small things like calls, conditional jumps and arithmetic operations to big things like APIs and rendering engine.

If you have some luck, you can disable intregnity checker, after that you will able to freely edit memory. This is first step to finding unused functions. They are stored in a codecave that needs to be called by exact function, in offset range of 34E5B88 to 34E5BF9. The only know function in range of these offsets is setCoreGuiEnabled. After putting a breakpoint on it and listening for calls you can find random subroutine entry. This is pretty short subroutine, it calls another subroutine which is debugger trap. Now open hex view again and rotate by 120 degrees 3 first hex values, this is address of code cave. Write a .dll that jumps to the address or do it manually and you are done. This address is always static.

After looking at the code you can find strings like "ENTER.jpg", "UNDONE.AVI", "ERICC.lua", "END.WMV". Also, functions while trying to use them as Script cause "MANUALLY_INITIATED_CRASH" BSOD, the only working one is "hellod()", it is the only function that can be find in Roblox Client. There is no documentations about it, not even a single word. Every thread that has hellod() gets laughed at, eventually deleted. Some people say that after running script with that function, their computer started doing weird things, one even said that some window popped that contained videos named like "UNDONE.AVI". One even made a thread that said that he watched "END.WMV". The video was 5 minutes long, recorded with bad quality camera (probably a webcam), the video was completely disorted. If you focused, you could've see a "moving figure" also something like screams in background. The video ended with russian text on black background, user said the text was "aд никогда не лжет" or "something like that".

The user's profile has been terminated.