It was a beautiful day playing ROBLOX, when I saw this robloxian. This robloxian was named TomRocks402, his skin was red and dark red too. Don't belive me? Well go to and see that he is there,too. However there is a twist, he is not just a ordinary robloxian,NO he has a soul inside of him. He would scream in the chat box like "Help!" or "Let me free from this prison!" He is a weird robloxian, but he has a owner. Username666 in robloxian form! Yes! TomRocks402 and Username666 are teamed but TomRocks402 was a loner, how he was a soul well...... he was just a boy, he made this robloxian called TomRocks402, he had no friends, but he did have one friend, camdyn08! camdyn08 wanted to be his friend, but he has a mistake. So Tom decided to hack him. But one day he has a message from a mysterious robloxian: username666. the messgae was: "CoMe To Me NoW!! i CoNtRoL yOu!!!" Tom deleted his robloxian skin to a default. Tom was angry so username666 came out of his computer and took out his soul, and kept him remained stuck in the robloxian body.. END


1. TomRocks402 is real

2. camdyn08 is real

3. Username666 is watching