WeirdOne time, I was making a game in Roblox Studio.... it was just a hang out room. It turned out extremely good that I thought it was gonna be famous. As soon as I saved the game, I named it "Hangout Room". I tested it. It turned out very good for everyone to play. I quit the test and then I was playing this game called "Vampire Hunters". I wanted to test it again after I was done playing Vampire Hunters. As soon as I left, I went to my profile, something weird happened. All I saw was my game... the thumbnail was a dark room with a red spawn.The title was "DO NOT JOIN................" I was thinking "what if I joined it? I joined it. There was nothing but darkness in a big room. I was walking to a corner of the dark room. I saw light. It was red, i was wondering what it could be. I went to check it out, it was a Robloxian, her name was "TimeToDie" I was freaking out, I was saying hi to her. No reply. I touched her. I looked at her face but her face was a possessed face. I touched her. Then she equipped a sword and than killed me. I quit the game and made it inactive so no one can ever play it again. The End... (P.S. TimeToDie Looked like a girl noob btw)


This is my FIRST Roblox creepy pasta I hope I hear good comments about this




TimeToDie Up Close

TimeToDie's face:


TimeToDie's Face it looks possessed

TimeToDie's Face