ok once i made a place a noob place just to troll them fake name so once in a email some one said there is a bug or two but when I came to see what was the bug it was all different than what i made all the people are now tombs and my rollercoasters are now dead trees big ones and now there is one guy left he says so can you tell me what death feels like then I was in a room a black room with blood just me no more players then a guy named goodbyes came so i went out the same guy emailed me again saying so did you fix the game I just emailed back can you tell me what death feels like

YOUR HIS NEXT MEAL he feeds on players so if you come he will get you

"as the pain and suffering come to price not everyone comes out here alive"

i came back its back to normal so people came back heck I was on the front page once but the name changed a few times here's the names "last place you will visit","your new tomb" and "here's were you stay"

"names don't mater when your already in your tomb"

"no one no one can leave the screaming little demons not even if you know your way out not even if you can fight them off so look away or fight them off"

umbreon445 reported me 3 times so i was off of roblox for a week I'm now being make fun of * gurrrr* i hate that my friend is banded I could of reported her but i don't feel like it

" friends and family also can't get out "

now I'm banded form roblox but not my game Don't look up little puppy shop you will regret it

" now what started good form the start your blood will run right in your heart but as of so no one yes no one can ask can you tell me what death feels like?"

"you can't get out your on the ground rolled 4 times now it's time to die!"