1. it was a normal day in summer i got on roblox as usuall and clicked on the build to survuive 9007 disastersBut somehow i was not affected and was the disasters i got a little creeped out and suddenly it said i have been not moving for 0000 minutes i got creeped out and started freaking out (Like i normally would lock the door and shut it but my accoutn was banned for 00 days i was at a nother website called iwky//:BANNE5D2.ddd amd then i had a streak of very very bad luck first i broke my leg. then my sister's boyfreind passed away and then i got banned on all websites i know then i was sleep deprived. i am in bad condition. i suddenly saw a robloxian saying..i betR124242ay you the username was 2571482 and the link : . he had a blank place and he was all black with a red leg and it was weird seeing him at my place i am pawsome1987 and i am corrupted by him with bad luck.