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NOTE: I can't think of a beginning (or whatever you say it) so I keep using "it was a normal day" PLEASE tell me another intro. (I solved your problem -coolbloxxie)

It was a night of playing Roblox, I quickly grabbed my Christmas hat on put it on my head, I went to my computer, booted it up, and played Roblox, I didn't know what to play. But I found this game called "THE CHRISTMAS GAME" I quickly thought to myself, why the hell will someone make a game with caps on? But I just ignored that thought, and gave it a try.


It was unusual, to say the least. All the players were either faceless or limbless and were AFK at the spawns. I took 3 pictures but they were corrupted.... I continued on to noticed a snowy terrain copied from "Town of Robloxia" when it was in Christmas. I decided to follow the small dirt trail and found a news station. I decided I should go spawn the car and when I stood on the button, it blew up.. Killing me. All the people AFK were now skulls. Literally, Just skulls. I was getting scared and attempted leaving, but I couldn't. I bumped my table and the computers display driver stopped responding, After that I just went to sleep.