One day, I was on a calm server with nothing else but peace and beauty of a game from mostly Roblox. I then started to notice a game called "The River", the thumbnail was nothing but a beautiful picture of the game with a tree, hills, a dawn sky, and a medium-sized river.

I started to join the game, and I saw very beautiful effects in the game, but there was no music, just light. I started to notice that the sun started to move and turned into a full moon of red with a dark, night sky.

I got really confused, Why a Blood moon? I thought. The water stopped moving for some reason and started to go backwards, it turned into black as it rewinded fastly. I started to hear a crashing static, the blood moon started shaking rabidly.

I then heard a voice out of nowhere, must've been a ghost, I kept hearing "Meadow! Meadow!" in a cold, crooked voice. I started to shake, I was really scared of what was happening, I didn't know what I would do. I then saw a transparent black head with red eyes and snake-like yellow pupils out of the river.

It started to speak again, "Stay with me, play with me!", the voice got louder and louder as it spoke.

I then finally said "I don't know who you are and what you want for me, please leave me alone whoever you are.", silence. After a few minutes I heard weeping, the strange black ghost's eyes started to disappear, I must've hurted it's own feelings. It then said, "I only wanted somebody to love, but thanks anyways. I'll hope I will find someone else if they'd only be kinder to me, and most likey my type."

The head sank into the water, the water went blue again, the sky turned to dawn again, I don't know who that ghost was, but seemed to be a loner without any friends. I left the server and looked at the owner because I didn't pay attention, nobody made the game, not even one thing.

The next day, I looked at the games I played, the strange game that I played was gone, not even one pretty river right by a tree, some hills, and a beautiful dawn sky.


Thank you for reading my first Roblox Creepypasta!