This is a story about a time when I got a creepy experience while playing ROBLOX.

Strange Occurrences

I was playing a sword fighting game. It had been created by my friend the day before and we decided to invite some of our friends for the grand opening. There were 6 of us altogether and we just decided to sword fight. It was pretty fun until the screen went pitch black for 3 seconds. This is what we said. (These are not real usernames)

Me: WTH was that? Friend1: idk Friend2: dude stop it Creator: stop what Friend2: dont make the screen black again Creator: but i didnt Friend3: meh probably a glitch

So we continued playing until Friend2 left. We thought he just decided to rage quit because he had 4 KOs and 16 WOs. So we kept playing until the black screen appeared again. Again thinking it was just a glitch, we kept playing until I noticed something. Oddly, I saw Friend2's avatar standing in front of me. Then the black screen. Then he was gone.

Me: what the hell is going on?! Creator: what do you mean Me: i saw Friend2 and then the glitch happened and then he was gone Friend3: what?! Friend4: u are kidding right? Me: nope Friend1: theres some real creepy stuff going on here

Then we just decided to hang out in the sword fighting place (the creator had added a hangout room to it) and just talk about stuff. Then Friend2 joined. This is what he said. L34V3 TH15 G4M3 0R Y0U W1LL D13 Then he left.

The User

We were really freaked out by that, but then we got the idea that Friend2 was trying to troll us. So we stayed until someone joined. He wasnt one of our friends, so the creator was pretty happy that someone had joined his game. However, the new guy just stood there. Thinking he was AFK, we decided to start sword fighting again. A few minutes later, we walked up to him. His name was User5173. We were pretty confused about why he would pick such a name, but his avatar was weirder than that. It was full black, but it had a stare face. The face was the creepiest thing about him. It was blood red. Then he moved a bit.

Me: hi Creator: welcome to my game User5173: die Me: ? Friend4: bring it on (Gets sword out) Me: ah thats what he means Friend1: lets do this (Leaves) Creator: i think he disconnected User5173: DIE Friend3: calm down just get your sword out (Leaves) Me: why is everyone leaving Friend4: i dont know (Drops sword) Friend4: wha? Creator: lets battle (Leaves) Me: WTF

So me and Friend4 remained, but User5173 was acting weird. He was saying stuff like 'die' or 'there is no escape'. To add to that, he was following us everywhere. Then it happened.

We heard an explosion and suddenly we were surrounded by red smoke- the type you get when a rocket explodes. It didnt go away. Then Friend4 disappeared. He was still in the game but he was not saying anything. Then I heard REALLY creepy stuff like hyper realistic screaming and crying. This went on for 2 minutes until I got kicked out.

I decided to check out User5173's account. The entire page was black with red writing. He had really weird badges like Killer or Blood Lover. After looking at the page, trembling, I was taken to the page I was last on.

Well, things have happened since these occurrences. The accounts of Creator, Friend1, Friend2 and Friend3 have been deleted. Every time I try to go on User5173's account, the page 404's. Apparently, Friend2 is in hospital because he had been stabbed.

This is a warning. If User5173 enters your game, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY.