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I woke up and I realized my heart was pounding rapidly and sweat was practically pouring from my head. Even if I was still in my bed, I felt like I'd just been on a high-speed chase or something. Once I fully woke up, I stepped out of the bed. I heard the door of my room opening and I saw my mom, "Son, why do you look like that? You look like you just had a nightmare," my mom questioned. Somehow, I did kind of dream of something, though I can't remember it and my mind's too blurry to think about it.

"Anyway, breakfast will be ready soon, so you'd better come down and eat, okay?" my mom said and replied to her with a simple "okay." Before I went down, something came up in my mind, "Something is missing... but I don't know what," I thought to myself. Suddenly, a thought came up but it was interrupted when my mom called me to come downstairs again.

So after eating breakfast, I went up to my room. But before I played ROBLOX, I tried to think about what the thing was that was missing, and what had I dreamed about? Obviously, I got no answers, so I decided to just get on ROBLOX and try to forget about all that.

So I check in my account and looking at it ROBLOX changed the way the system of the friends list works almost all of my friends are followers but hey I have no time to turn all followers into friends, Im just wasting my time so I decided to play some games and I was suprised ROBLOX Highschool held up a scavenger hunt to get Baymax's Helmet I was all like "Swweeettt!!!!" anyways just to let you know I'm a hat collector enthusiast and also a fan of Big Hero 6, mostly the movie was great but to my suprise it feels like I only watched it for 1 hour so it's kinda short.

So like I said i'm a hat collector enthusiast so I start to play the game, I didn't mind the massive player range and that weird thing when 2 opposite genders met and the other gender is kind of...flirting...yep that weird thing...Ohhh forgot it was called OD' these days, they will never know that they have stepped into a trap.

After collecting all the items I received the hat but after that something weird happened a strange voice came up saying "Why" and then I heard a low-volumed static, now I know what you are thinking that this is rushed well its not, It just happened after that ok?.

Trying to shake that feeling off I played another game but before I leaved ROBLOX i got a chat from one of my friends saying "Finally we found you" and the other friend of mine said "Where have you been, we been looking all over for you" but I was confused, surely they could have spoken earlier in the chat saying "Hey dude where are you?" but no instead they keep quiet and tried to find me so I said "You could have said it in the chat" but they then replied "What are you talking about? you weren't here when we tried to speak with you" but that the thing that is strange to me, I don't understand what they are saying "What? I don't understand when did you join the game?" I asked "We been here for hours now" one of my friends said.

Ok now it's getting weird, I saw them joined in the server after I heard the "Why" sound after collecting all of the items, at the same time it's kinda creeping me out "Phew good thing those months of finding you was worth it" one of my friends said but that's another one that ticked me of, Month? what the heck are they talking about?.

"Uhh, Months?......are you sure your not pranking me" I asked since they always like helding pranks on me "No we are serious this time" my friend said in reply, this reminds me of something comparing to my dream and also that weird voice that I heard but I still can't remember it.

But then both of them suddenly leaved and at the same time that weird static came up again, still thinking it was just my imagination, I hurried to play another game since its now creeping me out but after closing the game I suddenly got mail flowed in my inbox as mostly the messages were from some guy named "MissingLink" and to believe it or not his character was quite abnormal his face was upside-down his body was colored dark green and black and he was somewhat doing a pose where his fist is put almost near the face.

All of his messages were just periods but after getting into the last message it freaked me out the message was in red text saying "Why" as after looking at that I remember my dream, I was being chased by a guy in a black hood with a knife on his hand while I was running into somewhat a forest but it not like the ordinary forest, there were no animals, all the trees are colored orange and the barks were in an abnormal shape and if I can see I think I can heard the guy's laughter of him chasing me and then I bumped in to a henge and the guy finally chased up with me and tries to stabbed me right in the chest but suddenly I found a knife just right beside me and I grabbed it fast and stabbed him into his own heart and somewhat dark red blood spewed out of it and he suddenly fall and the last thing about it is that he said "This is not over.....your still missing".

That's what all I can remember and then something again came up.....I remember it really happened but I don't know how I got into that situation and I can remember....That happened to me last year! I was shocked about it and feeling he came back to finish me off but while I was thinking this MissingLink suddenly chat with me but only for a while his messages were "I'm back and I'm gonna finish the job I need to do" and the last one was "Your still missing, my child".

OK wait I need to eat dinner gonna continue this In a minute.