Hes coming, Hes coming! I have locked the door so I have around 30 minutes to write this, Heres the story!

CHAPTER 1: The Crash

I opened up Mozilla and went to Roblox (my studio was broken) and decided to recruit for my group, Robloxian Banditos (REAL). I went and joined the Recruit server and it was nearly full, I was recruiting for 3 hours and got a BUNCH more members, til it crashed! (wow, how logical!) But it just, shut down.. no message, no warning. I went and reopened mozilla and I saw Roblox was gone from my BOOKMARKs... I went to sleep after this, it was 2 AM

CHAPTER 2: Sighting Alpha

I loaded up Roblox on mozilla and saw I had a message, "You have a trade from Shedletsky!". I sighed- as it was ANOTHER terrible trade. I decided to join BaMCoNE(Build a MinI Country on Earth Edition) and, to my surprise- There were 20 servers. "Unusual..." I said. I joined and it was Colonial. 3 Hours later I had taken over South America in its ENTIREY, 100% mine. I decided to Conquer Mexico before accepting a trade with germany when suddenly, A player joined the full server. We all sat and stared as he begun kicking us! I had temp admin so, I Detooled him, Froze him, Jailed him and Kicked him! I finished building, Took a screeny, made a couple vids and left. I later uploaded the videos. I caught the mans name on the last frame of the video. "blnachovikbl" (NOT REAL) I looked him up and found he was banned. I decided to take a break, Have a nap, Blah Blah! I went to school after that

CHAPTER 3: The Lifelike Video

I went on to youtube, like always! I decided I would check out if my good pal RageVG posted anything- But there was NOTHING! Same with Pewds and Jacksepticeye! I checked out my profile and saw only one video. "IMCOMING". Recorded on the sixth of the sixth, 6666. "Haha, Hackers can't prank me :3" as I closed WINDOWS EXPLORER and opened mozilla, Checked youtube and it was perfectly fine. 3 Days later- Checked the video. Worst mistake of my life. It started with a man talking. I skipped that, and saw him greifing me. I instantly did a report! 3 minutes later- COPS at my door! Telling me my best friend died. I went to see the fuss and saw my best friend, Jack, sprawled on the floor. I blacked out then

CHAPTER 4: The Present Timeline

I check out the window, decide to start Assassins creed, I speak "Oh god, Oh god!" as arno gets #riggityrekt by some Police. I hear a storm coming and decide to write down the strange occurances on Creepypasta Wiki for Roblox, hoping to get good reviews! My window smashes and I run to fix it, I hear a man walking towards my window, I block the window, An arm breaks through my door, It grabs me and It ki