I believe it has been 2 years since the events of Dread Run of which I previously shared to the society of this wiki. My sanity slowly returns as the days continue to pass while I'm assaulted by all of the horrors burrowing into the codes of ROBLOX who prepare to spring out when least expected. I'm sure this source of all evils is known by most who return here, that who are serious about their tales as writing them out helps to relieve the mental agony and suffering. Perhaps I'm alone in this endeavor, but I still can conjure the memories despite my subconscious attempting to filter them out. This particular incident reflects the reality of vengeance and how far one can go to achieve their darkest desires. Humans under this influence, should the attack be of torture to the victim initially responsible, will soon regret and be taught a true moral. However, what I as well as the majority of you know, is that a demon never regrets.

If you didn't read Dread Run, I'd go ahead and do that now before I reveal the basic concepts that continue to affect the story. I suppose it also may be useful to quickly summarize what I experienced in the lonely server of Dread Run. By only what can be compared to luck I managed to survive a series of vanishing players in the server. The one who can hold the blame for this was a hollowed shadow of an adult man controlled by demons. By only vague mortal flesh and blood is he not considered a spirit. His actions are much like that of a serial killer roaming the world slaughtering innocent people for various reasons. If you recall I was stabbed by the being while trapped in Dread Run but saved by my now deceased father. This being was finally imprisoned far away for the murders of several children all in that doomed server. The actually humorous segment of this was that he was determined guilty by his fingerprints, of which were very unusual in their DNA structure that seemed to fluctuate from what should be seen. I predicted this occurred due to the demons that merged within this individual shuffling the coding of the human and the evil entity.

Long story short, a demon-infested corpse is a murderer who attacked the individuals gathered in Dread Run. He was imprisoned, but what I called the "Cycle of Dread" or basically vengeance was sure to arise should he escape. This is exactly what I figured would happen, and now it finally did.


Just a month ago during mid October we witness the arise of Speed Run, a game that strikes big and falls quickly much like any obby. The issue with this ROBLOX game genre is primarily due to the fact that, once you win, there isn't any reason to play again. Speed Run, being of a slightly abnormal variation of obstacle courses would hold popularity even as I write this. As the title implies, your character's walkspeed is increased so you run and can travel and leap greater distances. This put the game in a much larger scale that is appreciated by many users, myself included, despite the anger we generally face. In my case, my raging response to such difficult challenges would immediately transition to paranoia and horror that can prove to be a reaction to some division of demons. I previously wrote about multiple incidents of the shadows I encounter, of which may all be related. I cannot really investigate such a proposal, as it is very tricky to connect incidents that are blurred memories from hell now. I don't know why I should even attempt this, but perhaps a common source of spawning doom can be prevented if this is the case.

In returning to the story, Speed Run was almost destined for success. I was attracted to it just like any aimless explorer of new events and on roblox any bright looking design and game is very satisfying. With its refreshing concept and vivid thumbnail, this fast-paced parkour would prove to be excellent. Trying to join a server was hard considering my connection is rather poor, but eventually I managed to join one that was filling up extraordinarily fast. I walked around slowly in the deep lagging sensation you tend to receive when joining a server. I even accidently stepped across the yellow line that speeds you up and died, but regained my patience and could soon play properly. The first level I remember the best, it was a pleasant little nature level that was probably the easiest and most promising one. Passing it was of no worries or complaints really, but the difficulty progressed as you passed each stage on this course. I ran into problems starting on only stage 2 after this, because of just how much skill one must have. There were even a few upcoming ramp layout tricks and traps later on.

I suppose being caught up in the middle delayed me enough to be attacked by the entity I described. It never really has one form as it tries to sneak around your viewpoint until you're incredibly vulnerable. This server was very crowded and it wouldn't have made sense to detect an enemy there. I raced past many of individuals in hopes of winning against innocent people who I turn into rivals in my imagination. I simply wished to defeat others in secrecy, which would be a concern if it turned to a fight which it never did. One particular opponent was named "DeadDuck" a kind of bitter but interesting name. He seemed to be a newer player that was still adapting to the controls, as he fell easily and talked an awful lot. He and I both were running along in the second stage that consisted of small, white blocks with black outlines if I'm correct. He was sitting there raging in the chat while I was beginning to silently scream in real life out of stress to the annoying game. It almost seemed like I was flung ahead of him in a blink, but I felt like I was only getting lucky that ROBLOX physics were pushing me in the right direction. Stage 2 was completed and in a matter of minutes and the third room was as well. This poor other fellow could almost be laughed at due to the illegible spam he was yelling in the chat.

I began to focus on the game again and then reached that choking point where I just could not successfully beat the level. It was constructed so perfectly that you would miss every single block at least once. I swear I was on this one level for 30 minutes or more, but the time really escapes from you so I was oblivious. I should have stopped playing because I'd really had enough games, but I was sort of addicted to this stressful activity. I suppose I still play too many electronic games and I'm surprised I wasn't scared off yet. There are too many nightmares to penetrate your soul that I should have known by now who to avoid. You're well aware of who I didn't and who housed the unholy spirit of The Hunter.

Eventually this "DeadDuck" guy had finally stopped complaining in the fast jumping chat bar, which was evidently quite a relief to the irritated players. Around the same time I had fallen into the "Eye of the Storm" of how frustrated I was becoming which allowed me to proceed at a steadier pace. I probably would have reached the end of the game with this renewed calmness if some odd frame-rate collapse hadn't distracted me. It was then that I sank back in my chair then got up out of impatience a minute later. When I came back an inexplicable sensation of absolute fear came across me in response to a chilling and unnerving chat. Contrary to regular silence, simple conversations, or silly arguments the chat was rocketing by with what I believe to be declarations of terror coming from every single player there. I thought to myself, Am I missing something? I tried communicating with the mob but nobody directly answered me. Instead, I became aware of a frightening trend that the server fell unto when I noticed that some players were gone. It seemed that those in the early stages had left.

Conveniently I was the furthest of the group in that server, but the next thing I recognized was that DeadDuck was the lowest in the server. He apparently completed a stage, but remained in the game as the person he passed left shouting "MONSTER" in the chat. I zoned out as I tried to take this matter into careful consideration, but before I knew it I was alone with The Hunter and understood what was going on. Behind me was the horrific corruption, a character modeled giant with a twisted bloodied face. Sticking out of it were 4 black lightning bolt tentacles which ended on the sky box. Behind the demon the map was painted a dark red that progressed as the entity inched in my direction.

Panic. I had no time to think or else I'd end up like those who couldn't keep ahead of the being, so I ran across the courses under the most intense pressure I've ever experienced. Any single mistake would guarantee my swift demise and whatever else promised to me by The Hunter. The will to live must be strong enough to maintain perfection against what most would consider impossible. Had I given up or lost confidence that I'd survive, I would have perished and never been able to write this. The image of DeadDuck in combination with the Dread Run incident and flushing of the server's players made it very clear that consequences were too high to worry. The game of skill and frustration was gone, being replaced by the judgement of my grasp onto life. That's all that the Fight or Flight reaction is, running away or combating the force that opposes you.

5 stages remained, but each one I somehow managed to complete without dying increased the anxiety. At the same time some beastly torments were being screamed at me to worsen the evil side of the internal conflict I had inside of me as I fought. They became visibly clear around me too, those dreadful fiends. I draw a blank when trying to recall anything other than a nervous discontent that emotionally dragged me down across much of those last few. The final stage was so painfully blurry to me because I was actually close to falling unconscious and the most clarion structure was not the end, but sadly the tragedy clawing its way to me, closer and closer. I still remember it's deep suggestive whisper: "Give up" that almost became an idea I was willing to accept. Finally I was in the home stretch, but it was so close to me that the moment I reached the end I believed it was trampling me into the abyss behind it. Everything shut off the second this collision occurred. I looked out the window to see The Hunter, but instead of finding a smiling imp as I previously had seen it as, it was so full of hate it began to try and smash its way in.

I fell off of my seat, convinced it was over and that I was unsuccessful. However to my surprised the hollowed spirit of vengeance failed to interact with this world and couldn't break in. It was traumatizing to listen to it's roars of absolute evil, yet it became more and more apparent than I won so I tried to get back up. I found myself incapable of moving though, as if fatigued by all the rushing done in that game. The hallucinations still present in the room starting screaming in pain as if struck by holy water and burned up into nonexistent material. The silhouette of the one I just fought was flashing just as my computer screen started doing as well, as if it was being sucked back into the only world it attacked me through. I went insane once I knew what I just endured and started laughing like a madman. I fell into the wall with my head turned to the screen to see the Speed Run page opened. Such an event as that allowed me to laugh myself to sleep with the verification that I'd beaten Speed Run and conquered once again the monstrosity called The Hunter.