Here's the story.

You all know telamon, Right?

I bet you do! Well, There is a story to this.

You know how Telamon and Shedletsky changed ID's right? Yes, They did.

When they switched, The roblox site shutdown. Then they switched.

After the site went up, Roblox found a glitch. there was other Telamons. They were all playing games and hacking them. Roblox found that out and banned all the extra Telamons. They didn't ban all of them. One of them survived.

When I saw this paragraph, I laughed. It was fake, But then when I joined a game. I saw a Telamon. I searched him up in people, and he wasn't online. He took my account information, and hacked my account.

I spammed all the adminstrator's messages on my alt saying "Telamon fake is real! Believe me there is another Telamon!" After I posted about 50 on about 20 adminstrators, I gave up. The next day I saw something. "Banned forever!" Never tell anyone about this message, Or else I'll find you, and hunt you down.

I was so scared. Sense I know they can look at IP addresses. I was scared. I told everyone, Then people went to my door. Oh god.

Then they took me away. I just escaped to post this so they might find me.

Well, BYE!