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April 2022
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Red world. by Blood GD
"First of all, the map was just a glitchy red maze, with no actual exit. The audio was terrible, and it started with a singing, then it cuts to some kind of woman saying something that can't be understood. You can hear the audio when you see the video I uploaded. On the top of the screen, there was an error saying "You have lost connection to the game", but the text was all glitched."

March 2022
Warning pic.jpg

Demons by Suzythedemondoll
"After looking in the shop I checked the chat and I saw girls fighting saying “NO DONT DO THAT OR I WILL REPOORT YUO” I think it was a child who wrote that or someone so scared that they are messing up their grammar. And they just disappeared, but I was curious and walked to find what was happening."

February 2022
Photo of IMMORTALITY..png

1Mm0R74l1L17y by
"My friend told me he wanna message him a message to "scare him out" but when he sent the message he instantly received the message and he told me that it said, "This is just the beginning" and the message itself said exactly what he told me in-game!"

January 2022

Formidable face by Azuremaan
"I started hearing whispers saying " Don't mess with him!" "Or he will bring out his Formidable face!" I quickly looked away from my PC screen and didn't look back. I shut my door and ran into my living room frightened."

Month Pasta
July 2019

Cursed Account by Lilbeto
"So, I'd recently bought my daughter a used computer for her birthday...'"

June 2019

4nn1 by Konekobox
"4nn1 had stopped messaging me, and so I closed my chat window. Mistake.'"

May 2019

The REAL Reason why the Roblox logo keeps changing by Bluestaromega
"Now, I don’t know much about the reason why the administrators left Project Mind Heist, but the rumors go that there is computer located in the more obscure part of the Roblox Corporation building..."

April 2019

The Grey Logo by JamesSun007
"At first I thought it was probably because something like the death of a certain staff. Strangely, roblox never explained this."

March 2019

Vault 8166 rumor by Bruh the Zetarian

"This secret place was referred to as "Vault 8166"."


1/03/08 by Ghhyt
"However, on 1/03/08, the "Games" tab showed a very strange game that caught many users' attention."

February 2019

Error 405 by Tabuu5
"I immediately searched up his username, and saw his profile. I clicked on it, and another screen popped up. It read: 'Error 405. Domain is unsecure.'"

January 2019

The Pillar of Steel by Evita128
"The moment where everything you worked for agonizingly collapses around you and you are held as a spectator to such horror."