I had finally got the computer of my dreams. We got it at a local bookstore. As soon as I turned it on, it crashed. I ignored it, and turned it back on. When it turned on again, all I saw was the internet icon and the trash icon. I saw no apps, even the ones you come with. I checked the trash section. Nothing. I press control+Z (which retrieves lost pictures, apps, etc.) and two things popped up. One was a website called Roblox, the other, well, a video titled Stillbreathing.avi.

I opened up Roblox. I was stunned, because when I opened Roblox, I was on Shedletsky's profile. I was so excited when Roblox crashed. I knew I should've gotten a different computer. There was nothing to do except watch the video.

I opened up the video file. In total the video was an hour long. The video was at 56:06, so I just resumed it. It had a real life woman, as if she was being interviewed, but she was crying. They asked her stuff like "What happened on that day?" "Are you infected?" and she kept crying...

Thats when her eyes started to bleed, along with her nose, mouth, and ears. The video cut there. It was pitch blackness for 3 seconds. A man in a plague doctor suit appeared this is what he said.

"This could happen"

"This is real"

"If you watched the WHOLE video, you may experience: insomnia, head aches, seizures, cancer, wooping cough, and more"

What nonsense is what I thought. Then the plague doctor guy, pulled out a needle with an unknown substance in it. The camera man was pleeding "NO" "We had a DEAL" and "ILL DO ANYTHING". The plague doctor then continued to speak russian, and pulled the camera man on screen, and stabbed him with the needle. The plague doctor was talking for a minute, when the cameraman stopped moving. The video ended with the plague doctor guy saying "See you soon!"

TO BE CONTINUED...............