Since Mario, (or the creator of the wikia) is going to shut down the wikia, this will be my last creepypasta here. It's really long, but you should still read it, for I worked really hard on this. I really enjoyed my time here, and I'm guessing you guys did too. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this story.


It was a normal day, I was just watching TV. The show went to commercial break, so I looked for something else to watch. What can I say? Commercial breaks suck. I heard a voice come from the TV saying "ROBLOX". I continued watching the commercial, since it was about ROBLOX. But it confused me, I've never seen a ROBLOX commercial on TV, ever.

There was a man talking about ROBLOX, smiling. Part way through the commercial, the man started trembling. I heard a voice from the background say "Do it, or I SWEAR I will shoot!". After the background voice said that, the man spoke up, and his voice came out like he WAS going to be shot. I started feeling uncomfortable after hearing the background voice.

Near the end of the commercial, there was a dead silence. When it got really quiet, the mans smile turned more to a worried look. His worried look more like he was scared something was about to happen. Right before the commercial ended, he mouthed the words "Help me". Then, I heard a crash from the TV. the commercial ended. So I was just sitting on the couch confused.

I turned off the TV, and I went onto the computer. I went on ROBLOX, and I checked my group to see if there were new people in it. I checked the message wall, and my friend put a link. I copied and pasted it, and it was a ROBLOX game. The thumbnail was just a black screen.

I never checked what the game was called, so I looked for the title. It was called "Silence". Out of boredom, I played the game. I saw the ROBLOX commercial I saw on TV on a big screen in the game. When it made it to the end, it didn't stop where it did on TV. I continued watching, and the man talking about ROBLOX GOT SHOT, IN THE FOREHEAD.

I know it may seem crazy, BUT IT HAPPENED. The man got shot in the forehead with a bullet. The man collapsed and he was out of the scene. My eyes widened, and I left the game. I went to the front page, and all the games were called "Silence" and the thumbnails were pictures of a distorted hole in a black wall.

I will finish the story soon, SO MARIO, do not shut down the wikia tomorrow, because I will finish it then.

 Csskitty (talk) 00:42, December 17, 2014 (UTC)