Recently, a friend of mine stopped playing roblox. I don't know why, but it is strange. I would ask her why, but she would never answer me. Even when I called her on steam she would not answer, like she was dead or something. :-| But one day she did finally answer me. What she said didn't have anything to do with what I was saying. What she said was "Shedletsky's Playhouse is open".

The Story

I searched on Google "Shedletsky's Playhouse is open" and I found a roblox game by shedletsky. It was called Shedletsky's playhouse. I entered it. In the game I saw players that left roblox that looked like puppets and toys. Then I saw my friend as a toy. She said "Join us, nosna50". My name was nosna50. I was creeped out for a second, then I realized I couldn't leave the game. Then a toy said something to me, "You never should have come here". Then I really wanted to leave the game. Then I saw Shedletsky behind me, he said "A new toy to play with". I said "I am not a toy!", then he said "But you are in my world now". I started running, but he chased me. When he touched me my computer crashed. When I went back onto roblox I saw that the game is gone. But Shedletsky sent me a message. It said "Not for long". Then he sent me another message, "You are in my world now..."

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