I was kinda one of those selfish rich people. I was in Twisted Murder all the time. I was a master at the game. I just needed to jump often, guard the gun, etc. When I was murder, I would use my Tesla knife to destroy some noobs. In the comments of a front page game I was trying out, it said

"Oh my god, my game is super scary. 18+ Don't play unless you're not scared easily."

I was like "Pft, you know games don't scare me easily."

I decided to laugh at the game's name, saying "Very Scary Game 18+"

When I joined in the game, I was shocked. It was no troll image. It was no over-rated stuff. It was the most disturbing thing I have ever seen in my life. Soon, as I stared at it in horror, some strange all bright red robloxian just came walking towards me. When he was 3 steps away from me, he stopped. He said to me "This is what happens when you are selfish."

I decided to laugh because I thought this was a prank, but then, I died. When my robloxian died, it got kicked out of the game. I was horrified by the disturbing picture and the entity stalking me all over roblox. I was soon gonna change my look, but I saw that all of my hats were gone. All of my gear was gone. Everything I owned was gone. And I was just a robloxian. I freaked out because of what happened. I then remembered that I still had my 20,000 robux. But when I bought a hat, it got deleted. I decided to take a break from roblox to calm myself down.

When I came back on, I saw that my account was not logged on. I tried logging in, but it said "Create a new account"

I checked my friends and they acted like I didn't exist. I soon left ROBLOX. I left forever. Never returning.

If you see somebody spamming those scary game messages, beware.[[Category: ]]