Weird This is my first ROBLOX creepypasta. Just so you know.


I joined ROBLOX in 2011. My username was Gnat12414.

I was searching for fun games on ROBLOX.

My favorite types of games were Insert Wars, Build To Survive Whatever, etc.

I had a lot of fun on the games that I liked.


This is where strange stuff has began.

I was starting to get bored on ROBLOX. Luckily, the community was friendly and new games were coming in. Some person sent me a message of this ROBLOX website.

The message said "ROBLOX Website moving. Click on this link to visit the new website in beta.

(Link Censored for your own risk)"

As stupid as I was, I went on this link. When I went on, I saw this new ROBLOX website. What was different was that it kinda looked like the early 2008 page. (I saw a picture of the 2008 page before)

Everything looked normal until I clicked this button that said "2003"

I was asking myself "What the?" as the page wasn't loading.

After 10 minutes of waiting, the page loaded. What happened was that it changed the webpage background to a robloxian's head. Robloxian's faces do have black eyes, but this one's black eyes seemed like if it were staring in my soul. I started getting kinda worried and tried to go back. When I pushed the back button, an error message came up saying "Why are you leaving?" I started getting scared and tried to push the back button again. I got the same message. When I pushed it for my 10th time, it went back. When it went back, the website seemed to be closed. In a red background with black text, it said "Closed"

I went to ask builderman about this thing to see if he had any knowledge. I sent him a screenshot of the webpage. (I lost the image now due to a computer reboot)

He said, "I don't know what you're talking about. I'd recommend sending more pictures."

Luckily, I had the corrupted picture too. I sent him the picture.

He did another reply saying, "That was what ROBLOX looked like in the 2003 progress."


I got another message by the same person saying that the new ROBLOX beta is almost done. Seeming like he didn't know I fell for it before. Again, like the idiot I was, I got onto the website. It just did a huge text that said "2003"