May 25th, 2015. Tuesday

I Was bored, it was 3:21 and I was sipping on a soda. I Decided to ditch the YouTube video I was watching and play ROBLOX. I Decided to play 'Town of Robloxia' by 1dev2.

I Was playing as a cop, when I saw a criminal, because I was roleplaying this was our chat:

Me: Hey you, get back here!

Criminal (His name was TheBeast):

Regardez vers le bas et les mortes

Me: Um...huh?

TheBeast: Look down, and the dead.

Me: Err...right.

TheBeast: Don't look.

Me: I, um. Don't get what you mean?

TheBeast: Watch out.

TheBeast left the game.

I Then wondered what was 'Regardez vers le bas et les morts meaning'?

I Played on various games for 2 more hours, before I decided to hit the hay.

As I signed off ROBLOX, I notice a message it said:

Don't look down.

It was from TheBeast.

I Was to tired to do anything at all, so I hit the hay and fell to sleep.

More to come,


May 26th, 2015


I Came on ROBLOX today after I finished my stupid math essay for not 'participating' and 'following the rules' Oh? Did you know I am a bit of a slacker when it comes to Math. Anyways, I was just playing ROBLOX and then, 3 people named 'TheDemon' the 'TheDevil' and the 'TheBeast' started to join. I Tried not to pay attention of the three people. They started walking towards me, I was scaredROBLOXCreepypasta (talk) 00:19, May 28, 2015 (UTC) of course by then. I Turned off ROBLOX and looked up 'TheBeast' on ROBLOX Search. I Found three users:

TheBeast: Last Scene 4/3/78

thebeast402: hi! i like to play roblox for fun i want bc really bad Last Seen: 1/7/12

theBeasty32: hey my best freinds are: thecoolkid12, and THEBEAST Last Seen: 5/23/15

Also, I copied that. But when I saw the 1978 Last Seen part was well, freaky! I Decided to play outside instead of play on the computer. (Which I rarely do)

Good luck!


May 27th, 2015. Wenseday

Weirdest thing happened to me today. I Was at my freinds house, Ryeike. And we searched 'ROBLOX' on the computer and sighned into my account. There was a message. "Ryeike, can I look at this message real quick?" I asked. "Sure, Patrick." he replied. I Clicked the message and the message said:

To: Thekiillernoob

From: TheBeast

Message: Go to my place or else.

It then automatically directed me to his game. "Regardez le bas et les mortsz" What? Okay! I Played the game and it showed a path, my character followed it. Then there was a pole and up the pole was a sign that said. 'Regardez le bas et les morts' My freind Ryeike spoke in. "Regardez le bas et les morts means Look down, and the dead." I Got into first person and looked down on the ROBLOX game! Then I saw a pit, there were bodies with names like "ROBLOX" and "Builderclubs" also "Shedletsky" and various other admins. Ryeike's computer started lagging like crazy and the game shut down. "Uh, how about Call of Duty or something, Patrick?" I Nodded. "Good idea."

Well, I finished updating this blog. Also, I would want to add one thing.

Regardez vers le bas et les morts.

Good bloxxing,

ROBLOXCreepypasta (talk) 00:19, May 28, 2015 (UTC)Thekiillernoob

May, 28th 2015, Thursday.


I Got home from school 'bit late, but I got into ROBLOX. I Started playing some random games on ROBLOX, then all my favorites were renamed 'Regardez le bas et les morts' the game I played. It then randomly took me there, that's when the game had the same forest but then, I saw that damn pole, with the letters 'Regardez le bas et les morts' and, I looked down. I Regret that...I saw myself, then my computer's internet stopped. Now it's 10:23 and my internet just kicked, that's it for now.

C'ya dudes later!


May, 29th, Friday.


Schools over, so that means...FREEDOM! I Am now gonna tell you what happened. So, first of all I was on ROBLOX, while drinking Dr. Pepper. I Decided to play a old game I used to play "Temple Run" I was running and I died, but then the it got dark all of a sudden. I Tried to X out the game, but that did not work. I Started to scream. Then I saw "TheBeast" and the "ROBLOXToxic" coming towards me. I Then slammed the OFF button on my computer. When I opened my computer back up, I was still there. "TheBeast", "ROBLOXToxic" "TheDemon", "DarknessSurrounds" all circling around me.! I Pressed the X, the game closed. I Got a message from TheBeast:

TO: Thekiillernoob

Subject: ROBLOX

Stop the ROBLOX Creepypasta Wiki, now! Or else, I will make you Look down, and the dead.

The rest of the day was a breeze, no TheBeast. NOBODY.

Well, time to play GTA IV.

Keep creepin'