Roblox Creepypasta Wiki

Please read this entire page before adding a pasta to the wiki.

Before Posting

  • First create a story in your Userblog. Stories created without following this will be reviewed as if it's completed and judge on it's quality with a possibility of it being deleted.

If you don't want your story deleted, then put it in your Userblog.

  • We do NOT accept general fanfics or otherwise stories without any kind of creepy content. This is a creepypasta site, and is here for the posting of short horror stories, not shipping and rainbows.
  • Do NOT add categories to your userblogs. The only category they should have is the "Blog posts" category, which is automatically added when a user creates a blog on this wiki, therefore you do not need to worry about manually adding it. If you want to find a blog you have created, simply go to your user profile and click click "Blog".
  • Tag your post as UNFINISHED if it is unfinished. Pages that do not follow this rule will be deleted. Period.

After Posting

  • Add your pasta to the appropriate categories, either in the editor or at the bottom of the page.
  • Read the Category Rules before adding a category.