WeirdNOTE: I recommend you reading my other creepypastas like AMSTILLHERE and PR0J3C74B4ND0N3D. Because you would not know what would happen in some parts.


Hey guys! I just recently found a game called "ROBLOX" and it's fun! You can make your own games and play others games...

I found some really cool games like "Mad Murderer," "Ripull Minigames," "Work at the Pizza Place," and more!


I went to play Mad Games and it is fun too. One time, I killed someone first and he started saying "You're a noob." I replied to him that he's a noob too and then he said that I'm gay. I reported him, he sent me a friend request, I declined, and then he left.

I went into another server, and yet I met him again. He was still saying that I was a noob among other things. Then he left the server again. I checked his profile and it said he was banned for 2 days.


I just recently got level 20 on Ripull Minigames. Yet I saw him again. But... he was banned for 2 days? Maybe a hacker? I don't know. But he was level 157... so he's definitely a hacker. He changed my name to noob, changed my character to noob too and put Level 0.

"Now you know how it feels being a noob," he said and left the server. The game shut down when he left and a picture of noobs appeared. I closed my screen and went to sleep.

24/7/15 again...

I woke up and I looked at my clock. It was 14:38. I usually sleep 4-7 hours, but this is what freaked me out.

I went onto ROBLOX and this is what happened to me. My character turned into a black body with red tattoos. The tattoos said, "You're in my world now." After a minute, my character went back to normal. When I wanted to go outside, I saw that I'd gotten a new message. The user who'd sent it to me was named "Zero." The subject name was, "Hello," and the message was:

"Are you ready to be tortured?"

The message closed and a game appeared. It seemed to look like a copy of my game that I did for 404'd Creepypasta. But then...everything disappeared. I landed on a player.

The player's name was IMSTILLHERE...

But... that was my first Creepypasta I made! He can't be real. He wrote in the chat "YOU HAVE A STUPID OBSESSION ABOUT THIS GAME."

I don't! I know that I'm writing everyday, but we're leaving from vacation...

A strange feeling just popped up in my head. I heard "Obsession..." in my head multiple times. I just saw that the game froze. And disconnected. I couldn't move from the computer. I'd played for hours now...

PR0J3C74B4ND0N3D is back...

I saw him about a minute ago. He wrote me a message too, just like Zero did. But it wasn't the same. This time it said random words. Some scribbles:

"Oury ingthasemr oecm uret."

I tried to decode it, for an hour. It said:

"Your nightmares will come true."

Oh, really? Nothing can be true now. I deleted the message. Oh, and one more thing... I've literally stopped eating and drinking to play ROBLOX. IMSTILLHERE was right, I do have an obsession...

25/7/15 a.k.a The Last Day

Hello viewers. I think you like this story, if you read this far in... Well, you know what? I HATE YOU. YOU ALWAYS DO THESE THINGS! NOW, I HAVE A STUPID OBSESSION! Why have you done this to me? I have a stupid gun in my hand! JUST LIKE THAT. I WILL SHOOT MYSELF AND END IT FOR GOOD!

The End...