June 19 or 20

I was banned again with another message that said "come". This time the ban removed my account and couldn't make a new one so I logged into another one. I got a friend request from 42boby and I declined. After a few seconds I got a message that read... "I will be here waiting for you. All you know is gone. God is nothing and so you will to bitch!" I reported 42boby but it just kept sending me to This Page does not exist.

June 21,2013

I logged on to roblox to find the entire site to be blank with this one picture of a cheaply made thumbnail of someone getting eaten by a large apple with the mouths with a background of Minecraft. It seemed funny at first but got more odd and dark as I kept staring at it.


June 22,2013

I couldn't turn on my phone it kept turning off once I put my password. I tried again that night and it finally worked! I tried uninstalling roblox but it said my phone was infected for viewing adult websites then my safari internet shows up and loaded a page with the image of a man smiling while he carves out his eye with a trowel after that my phone turned off due to my battery dying.

June 23,2013

Oh god someone is in my room...I cant write good right now...he is wearing a mask with a smiley face on it hopes he dosent find me under the bed..

He finally left thank god... I heard screams coming in from the halls. I saw out the small window that we started moving because they were probably resuppling stuff on the pier. I tried calling the police but It sent me to another guy telling me "You just couldn't handle it".


Five days later a news report came of a cruise ship exploding near the gulf of Mexico. 3 survivors where found on life rafts. It was thought 200 people were on board. There has been evidence that this was not a accident. One of the survivors managed to find a Journal of a 14 year old child in his closet. Most pages were ripped off with the last page reading "Play Nice."