My models

I was kinda bummed out with the new roblox studio, wasn't everyone?, so I was looking on the web to see if there was a way to change roblox studio back the way it was. Well I sorta found somthing like that. On google I found a older version of roblox. I downloaded it and my anti virus software said it found a virus. I was so fed up with the way roblox was that Ignored it and let it download.

I opened it up to find a weird version of the login. There was no sign up area and the login are already had me logged on. So I thought it was a little weird but nothing crazy. So i decided to make a new place, my town I named it, i was getting the models to add to the game through the catalog when i found a strange model called my friends, I got it and opened up the world.

I started the classic happy home in robloxia. And started puting models in. Weirdly when I put my freinds model in the npcs were running around franticly calling out for help. Now even stranger was the anoyingg names in the banner at the top saying " My Friends Model credit to satan." . Now what scared me was the way the npcs were named after some of my best friends.

I saved the world and decided to go to bed. I had school tomorrow, first day of middle school, at school a bunch of police cars were outside of my school with news vans explaining the diseperinces of several kids at my school, all of which were my friends. I ran home turned on my computer and went to my world to see half of "my friends" crying. I said jasper. that really you in the chat bar, he replied with help please help.

by Legow7

Edited by iProAccx, for grammar mistakes.

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