aka Genu

  • I live in a place Far away from you
  • I was born on August 11
  • My occupation is I like things
  • I am I am a lettuce
  • Bio hl
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And before you read anything else, you need to know that I'm very inactive here, so you will get a very late response to your message, usually. 
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There are few rules you might want to follow before posting on my wall:

  1. No Vandalism. 
  2. No Flaming people.
  3. No excessive swearing.
  4. No pics or vids considered inopropriate. These will be removed immediatly and administartors will be notified. 
  5. No political discussions. Discussing politics WILL BE treated as vandalism.
  6. No Religous discussion. Discussing religious matters WILL BE treated as vandalism
  7. This is MY message wall. I reserve every right to delete any thread or message I desire on my wall. No exceptions, or excuses.

Have fun on my wall!


still testing

And you thought we were done.
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