WeirdThere wasn't much to do on ROBLOX. Just the typical old Online Dating Games, misleading titles, crappy games that never deserved to be famous, murder games and more.

I was nearly into quitting ROBLOX because of how boring it is.

The real only joy I had was really my own games and making fake projects on studio. I decided to make a fake project of me sword fighting somebody. I set up everything and got a fake sword fighting entity with 10,000 health. As soon as I clicked play solo, I was sword fighting the bot. Soon, when the bot was nearly dead, the baseplate turned red. The bot vanished. I lost my sword.

Soon, as I was trying to get the baseplate back, a new entity named Kranouis came in. I stared in different directions and saw a strange red silhouette.

I decided to get closer, only to find that it had no name. It just stood there.

I started getting creeped out a bit and decided to leave the studio. As I was trying to click the exit button, it wouldn't work. I soon tried ALT F4. Nothing. I tried good old task manager. Nothing happened. I remembered the shut down button. Nothing.

Soon, the studio stopped responding, then soon exited.

I searched on the forums for anything. I found many forum posts having to do with the entity named Kranouis. Many of them said that different stuff happened. They were completely unique from mine. Some people's accounts got logged off. Some people got free models spammed in their games. And a lot more.

Later on, I checked the list to see if Kranoius existed. He was a user with an empty baseplate.

He looked like nothing how he did in the studio.

Here is his profile:

I received a message. It was from Kranouis saying that he was happy that I was his victim.