WeirdHey guys its CreepypastaWriter36 again, do you know my 3rd Creepypasta?.........ok you don't know? ok then its called The Screen search it up and then I decide myself that I will make a Creepypasta about Killed Phantom (If you don't know him please read my third creepypasta) because I been running out of ideas (wow I been only making 3 and I already been drained out) So expect chapters and spinoffs and etc. (sorry i like jeff the killer alot).

trying to hold me back I have no idea who and why after that I give up deleting it and tried to play some "The Mad Murderer". After a few rounds no no Someone was saying to me that put on the suit again. I think Ibeing sarcastic about this thing as i tried to play and move on but after that those words are getting slowly louder on my thoughts I can't hear it on my ears but I can hear it on my mind but I keep ignoring it after a few minutes those thoughts were gone.

Relieve as It was gone I continue with my game just then for some unknown circumstances I got shut down. Looks like ROBLOX is still under maintenance for a while usually but after that the thoughts got back into my head again!. Not knowing what will happened if I din't wear it so i stupidly wear it at first it was fine i got full control of myself as i tried to play "Reasons 2 Die" I was killing zombies that time usually acting all good and stuff but after i done the level where you need to find the antidote for the virus i got teleported to somewhat new homescreen that i never seen before it was still the same but no available buttons only the play button in there so i got no choice but to press play.

This is the one that freaked me out after what i seen my character is now named "Killed Phantom" and the most horrifying part is that my old character was there with the username that i have!!!. I dunno what is Killed Phantom up to but i need to stop or else something bad happen but i can't do anything about it yet since I have no idea what will I do just then the round started but on a different map. It was a hell-type version of The Bridge but named "START RUNNING" the sign is colored in deep shade of red almost looking like blood and the main goal was to survive in 5 minutes. This is actually creepy since what will happened to us during that round so the round started as everyone is getting ready there guns as they shoot mostly A.I. zombies no players zombies usually but after the first 1 minute i got teleported and then the screen went black for 3-4 seconds after that I was my normal character but something is strange......The way the game works is not what ROBLOX supports that time its like The game became an actual Left 4 Dead game since with the new GUI's and actually a more realistic look as we look for zombies we notice that Killed Phantom is actually the zombie but we can't see it after the next minute it started to earthquake.....that strange Reason 2 Die dont have that kind of mechanics yet.

While earthquaking we saw the rocks turn and popped out as deadly spikes and killed 3 players but when they got killed loud painful screaming can be heard in my headphones and also the other players were horrified of what they heard and not also screaming After they got killed by the spikes real internal organs got out of them. I was thinking to myself "What the hell is Killed Phantom doing" as we tried to survive the earthquake after 30 seconds it stopped and then a voice can be heard "Prepare yourselves" so i rested for a few seconds.

After the next minute we got teleported to somewhat a single small room almost looking like a boss room the four corners of the room has ammo crates in them so i was lucky but after a player tried to get ammo he got killed by a weird looking type ghost as the same as happened to the 3 players he screamed and has his inside throwned out.

Omg guys im starting to get good at this but my hands can't take it for a while since its gonna be a long story so story cut for a while and please stay tune for the continuation soo sorry guys.