3:51 AM, March, 17th, 2015.

One night I decided to watch youtube and forum at the same time. I was bored, so I made a forum named "What Should I Play?"

3:57 AM, March 17th 2015.

After a few minutes, I got 2 replies..

One reply was from a roblox player, from Sack1935.

"You should play 'Survive the Disasters'! It's an alright, fun game."

And the other one was from a guy named "Error10437021"

"i SeE YoUu."

I wasn't scared, because it was probably just another person trying their best to be scary. So I went on with my robloxian, and played Survive the Disasters by VyrissTheVixen. The first disaster was named Disaster_666. The disaster crashed the game, so I decided to play a different game. I closed the tab, and went back to the ROBLOX home page. I noticed someone was playing my game, so I decided to come in with him/her.

The guy was Sack1935! To my kindness, I gave him admin, and we talked about why I quit 'Survive the Disasters' so soon.

Sack1935: What happened to Survive the Disasters?

Goldenmario4: I don't know. All I remember is a disaster that crashed the game.

Sack1935: Well, that never happened before. Were you using IOS, or your phone?

Goldenmario4: No, I was using my Windows 7 computer.

Sack1935: Sounds mysterious, not sure if we should deal with it or not. Maybe it was a virus?

Error10437021: I hear you.

Goldenmario4: Pfft, I doubt it.

The game froze, and I was just sitting there. The game crashed, with the default error message, except there was some more, weird, scrambled letters and numbers.

Suddenly the place exploded, And i went to my profile and it was gone. Sack1935's profile also disappeared. His profile was deleted. I suspected Error10437021.

The game crashed, but then I was redirected to A game called ERROR. It forced me to play the game. When I joined, it said random letters. I translated some of them. Here they are.




I was freaked out, so I turned off the computer.

I decided to take a nap, because what was the worst that could happen?

In my dreams, I swear I saw my Sack1935. He was on chains, everything looked blocky.

Error10437021: Make your choice. You die, or your friend dies.

I had no choice. I made my friend die, then I woke up.

Atleast I think I'm safe...

...for now...

Then I realized, Sack was never really my 'friend'. Was this a fantasy?

I decided to go to Roblox, even though I was scared to what I might see.. Then, I saw my account was gone. I even looked up my account, but when I did it came up with 'Error10437021'. Am I....Error10437021?

I realized that I wasn't in my house. I was in a different house, but in the same spot as mine. The walls looked different, and so did my bed. I thought 'Could I be in another universe..?' Then it hit me. I explored, and went downstairs. In the living room, I found a very weird machine. I can't really describe it, but it looked something like a teleporter. I got closer to it, enough where I could touch it. I was about to walk away, tripped, and fell in! My hand slipped and hit the 'ON' button. OH NO---

I was teleported into a white space sort of place. I saw an male adult. He said "Hello, son." Then I remembered, I had a dad I never met! I looked behind me, and saw my roblox character name, and it disappeared. I looked ahead, and Was gone. Instead, it was my computer. I went to my computer and logged in everything. I was at my profile, and nothing else. I couldn't go to anything else. The 'Games', 'ROBUX', everything was gone. All the buttons. I had two games, and I was suddenly an NBC. The first one was named 'Blank', and was just a normal grey baseplate and a spawn. The second game was named 'Goodbye, Everyone.' I joined I saw Error10437021 and he was holding my character with a sword shoved through my head. I backed up as he walked towards me slowly with a sword, throwing down my mini-robloxian.

He started to rush at me, as I yelled 'NONONONONONOOOO---' and all I remember, is a sharp pain in my head.[[Category: ]]