The Hallway Watcher

I decided to play Roblox Highschool, because I felt like exploring some new updates that they made earlier. It wasn't anything intentional, just curiosity. When I joined the server, it was your regular plot.

A crowd of so called "Seniors" huddled farther in the hallway, while people flooded in and out. I walked in, fascinated by the new improvements. I walked around for about 10 minutes, looking like a completely, utter fool. Suddenly, a dim light appeared from the hallway around the corner.

I was surprised, since the Halloween Decorations forced some hallways to be plain dark. I peeked around, and saw a figure, swaying side to side in R15. The animation looked odd, not something you could get in the catalog. I walked a little closer, and saw that he was wearing a plain black shirt with a Roblox logo on the side.

He had signature starter pants, and obtained small, square shoulders. Pale skin covered most of the skin, and there was a black and green mask with a little bit of space to reveal his horrid eyes. They were glowing white, and this caused the light. I froze in terror, since he looked like someone's description of the watcher.

"Who are you?" I said in the chat. "I, am the hallway watcher. I haunt this hallway. Leave or you shall be taken by the Bloxwatch cOrpat/&&22"3.'" He then vanished, and my skin flickered, teleporting me to the bathrooms. I was placed in a stall, that was locked. I tried to jump over, but it wouldn't let me. In the chat, I discovered conversations, or, well, screams. "WATCH OUT FOR THE WATCHER@:2)3873$:.$21@-@."

The names then disappeared from the list, like they were never there. Most importantly, everyone was forced to go on with their business, pretending like RainbowSparkles22031010 wasn't just deleted from the Roblox database. When this happened, I was released.

I left immediately, hoping to never find anything similar to this ever again. The watcher's name was simply, "The Watcher". I believe these are spies used by the Bloxwatch Organization.

The End.