Roblox Creepypasta Wiki

These are a set guidelines that all users are required to follow on the wiki. Failure to comply with any of the guidelines will result in a ban, and each ban duration depends on the severity of the offense. All users are solely responsible for any actions performed with their account.

General Rules
  1. Please do not ask others for personal information. This includes asking for ages, passwords, addresses, phone numbers, birth certificates, etc. Sharing personal information is prohibited and will result in a ban. Sharing certain information, such as your age, is allowed, and is an optional choice.
  2. Bullying/Harassment will result in a ban. Do not say something you wouldn't want someone else to say to you. If you don't have anything nice to say, it probably isn't appropriate to say it.
  3. Doxxing will lead to an infinite ban. This is when a user searches for someone else's personal information without their consent.
  4. Controversial topics, such as religion or politics are prohibited to avoid heated arguments. Failure to abide by the rules after warnings will result in a ban.
  5. Please do not beg for moderator/administrator/bureaucrat rights. These rights are based off of responsibility and frequent activity of the wiki. You can request rights, but harassing staff for them will result in a ban.
  6. Minimodding will result in a ban. This is when a user who is not a mod/admin/bureaucrat/rollback/etc, tries to take authority of a staff role they do not acquire.
  7. Promotion of self harm or harm towards others will result in a permanent ban. This includes telling users to "kill themselves" or threatening to harm others. Additionally, all mentions of self harm or suicidal thoughts are prohibited and will result in a ban. If you have suicidal thoughts, the wiki is NOT the place to get help. Seek professional help instead.
  8. Impersonation of others will result in a ban. This means when a user pretends to be someone else with or without malicious intent, and may claim to be a famous person or a user on the wiki.
  9. Please refrain from engaging in cross-wiki drama. Issues pertaining to other communities, including bans, wiki changes, or arguments must be handled on the appropriate wiki. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a ban.
  10. Discrimination, including forms of bias against others of a certain race, disability, orientation, gender, etc. will result in an infinite ban.
  11. Users partaking in hate groups or hate speech that especially violates the Guidelines will be permanently banned.
  1. Keep spam limited to blog posts, the Off Topic board, or a private chat. Keep comments on topic and relevant to the article/discussion.
  2. Necroposting after multiple warnings will result in a ban. This is when a user continues to post on threads over 30 days old. This rule does not apply to message wall threads.
  1. Do not advertise outside of your user profile. Do not advertise links to products containing pornographic material, malware, or illegal/offensive content. This will result in a ban.
  2. Images containing suggestive content or offensive content are prohibited and will result in a ban.
  3. Edit farming is prohibited and will result in a ban. This means creating unnecessary edits for the sake of badges or a higher edit count.
  4. Please use the appropriate categories per page and keep grammar at a decency when editing content. This means to make sure to check for spelling errors, use proper punctuation, and keep information neat and readable for viewers. Do not create unnecessary categories that are not relevant to the topic/article, or categories that are not listed in the Category Rules. Failure to do so will result in you being prohibited from editing content in the future.
  5. Vandalism is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban. This includes inserting nonsense into pages, editing user content without permission, and removing relevant information from pages.
  1. Sockpuppets will be permanently banned. This means creating multiple accounts to evade a ban or cause problems on the wiki. Having multiple accounts is allowed as long as you are abiding by the rules and admins are notified of who owns the account.
  2. Troll and disruption only accounts will be permanently banned. This wiki is NOT the place to disrupt and disturb others.
  3. Offensive/suggestive usernames or profile photos will be permanently banned. All accounts must abide by the guidelines.