It was a normal day, every day I get up get on my computer play Roblox normally then go to sleep. This day was different. I was playing with my friends on a game called "Building Tools by F3X — Showcase", it was a building place even though I wasn't that great at building. While playing I decided to go check the catalog to see if there was any new items. There was; an item called "tophat_0" with a picture of the classic Roblox top hat with no band, I assumed it was a glitch. It was on sale for -1 robux and -1 tickets, I tried to buy it, but it just displayed a box stating the page is unsafe and to leave immediately. I decided to check the comments but there wasn't any. I clicked back on the Roblox game window and told my friends to go on the catalog and look at the weird item that I saw. They said that they didn't see anything but a blank catalog with some text saying "The catalog is under maintenance, try again later".

At this time i'm shaking and confused, I had no idea what was happening. I went back to my web browser and went to my profile to see if anything else was wrong, there was one thing... A new game on the right side of the profile page, it was called "My Creation Is Your Elation". I got even more confused and scared, I thought maybe it was some sort of virus so I restarted my computer  

NOTE: This IS a work in progress so please do not jump to conclusions just yet, some constructive criticism would always be nice though.