It was a normal day, I was home alone. I was playing The Mad Murderer, but loleris's name changed, his name was "IHACKEDLOLERIS" I thought it was another prank by loleris, so I ignored it. When I joined the server, I was the only one except Funguy123, he asked me if I wanted to play something fun. I said "Sure!" he partied me, and I follow him to his game named "FUN" of course, the title was weird, when I joined the game, Funguy123 was in there. He was holding a knife, he gave the knife to me, and he asked me to kill the people glued to the board, I screamed in horror, so I left the game, left the party. And blocked Funguy123 so he wouldn't message me creepy things. Bit something weird happened... Funguy123 sent me a message even though I blocked him! The message said: YoU ArE dEaD.

When I read the message, my character was red, and was covered in blood. I restarted my computer. Then I logged in to Roblox, and horrified to see.. the Roblox logo and games page was colored with dark red colors.

Then Funguy123 appeared on my screen, with A knife stabbing my character. I then went to his profile, unblocked him and told the moderators, the moderators banned him, but I'm sure he's coming back....

The Return Of Funguy123

As you may know, I'm just back playing regular games in the front page. I was playing Five Nights at Freddys Roleplay, but when Funguy123 joined the game, I CLOSED the window.