Weird September 26, 2014, Hello there. I've been playing ROBLOX for four years now and throughout my years, I've seen many horror games that are really good, and met some noobs who want to act like morons, but I never knew a good, popular game can turn out into a nightmare.

Couple of days ago, I heard there was a new badge that Loleris (Creator of Mad Murder) made a new badge, called "Exceedingly Suspicious Badge." I thought for a moment, "Is this a joke?" I read the comments and they all said they were scared of how frightening this badge could be. Like how is this badge creepy; Is it the Illuminati? I didn't really know. I decided to find the badge myself. I went into a random server and I spawned in a lobby. But what was weird was there were no people in the server. That could mean I entered a new server since all of them were full. A text popped up, saying "Sorry you need 4 players, please leave this server and never come back!" That last phrase kinda freaked me out saying I should never come back; was it the game or the server that I should never come back? Anyway, I ignored the text and waited for more people to join. After about 10 minutes or so, no one joined. Well, I was not letting the game trying to fool me. I left the server and tried to join a new one with REAL players in it. When I joined, I was still in the same server that I left from the previous server. From that point on, I was getting goosebumps. Maybe Loleris hid a teleporter somewhere in the lobby so that I can actually join a real server for once. I tried touching every wall and going into the VIP room, but nothing worked. A text box appeared that said, "Want to leave now? Ok then, let's do a riddle! There are 4 corners. Peek 1 with the naked eye." I clearly understood what the box said so I thought, "Pfft... What kind of riddle is this?" I peeked 1 corner out of the 4 corners around the lobby while zooming in. After about 5 seconds, I heard a weird sound when it flashed black for a second. I turned around in horror, I saw dead victims stabbed with knives against the wall. You know I thought Loleris didn't add blood in the game. I walked around in shocked with dead corpses and a board that read, "Skeletons, time I'm chasing after you, number of dead bodies murdered."

By that time, I quickly pressed the exit button but wouldn't function right. Then Loleris joined the server. Man, I'm glad to see him. I ran towards him yelling, "Loleris, come quick theres a pile of dead bodies stabbed harshly with knives!" Loleris didn't say a word. Instead, he had a knife in his hand, covered in blood. Is this what I think it is? Loleris is a secret murder? I couldn't believe it! Loleris turned around facing me saying, "Don't leave, Marty. Join me, or else the knife would come through your screen and kill you in person." What the f**k was going on? Loleris was waiting for a response. If I took too long, he would stab me by then. I ran and grabbed a knife off a dead corpse and tried to defend me. Since Loleris was the creator, he had admin. So I had no chance. If you are reading this by now, you can tell I'm already gonna lose from him. I lost. Loleris defeated me in the battle and he said, "In 30 seconds, you're gonna lose your life." BY THEN I'M WRITING THIS FAST!!!!! PLEASE HAVE MERCY ON ME------------- *No signal*

"Come back anytime to Mad Murder, Chao!" -Loleris[[Category: ]]