Category Rules Overview

These are the site's rules and guidelines in regards to categorizing articles, as well as details on special categories, adding categories, etc.

General Category Rules

 Do not create or use any categories that are not the following...

  • Weird
  • Creepy
  • Glitches/Exploits
  • Site Based
  • Games
  • Shock Endings
  • Entities
  • Unfinished

It is preferred you do not use the following categories(since they're subjective) but until they're all removed; it is optional...

  • Weird
  • Creepy
  • Shock Endings

The consequences for doing otherwise are listed in the penalty section

Marked for Review/Delete Now Rules

  • Anyone can add Marked for Review.
    *Marked for Review should only be tagged under pages that have multiple spelling/grammatical errors, wall-of-texts, and/or stories that do not meet the Quality Standards.
    *Delete Now should only be tagged under pages that are Trollpastas, have very low quality, are blacklisted subjects, and/or contain numerous clichés that are indefensible/not used properly.

Marked for Review

  • The Marked for Review category is not to be added just because you don't like the pasta. 
  • It must have at least enough errors that you can't edit it.
  • If you can fix it, fix it. If you can't, add the category and it will be reviewed by an administrator or RCaDC member.
  • If you are unsure about the quality, whether it is good or bad, add this category and an admin/RCaDC member will check it. Admins can add the category, if they are uncertain if it's worthy or not.
  • You may not remove Marked for Review from your own pasta. Doing so will result in a one-day ban.
  • If it is a trollpasta, or seems to be one but you are unsure, feel free to mark the article for review.
  • You may only remove the M4R category if you are certain that the article is fixed of its errors. If you are unsure, leave the category alone.

Delete Now

  • Only add the category only under these circumstances
  • If the article's quality is poor.
  • If the article is unfinished.
  • If the article is a wall-of-text.
  • If the article is filled with Clichés.
  • If you are certain that the page you are marking is a re-upload of a page.

Other Rules

  • Meta, Admin, and Site Rules are Admin-Only categories. If you are not an admin and you add these, you will receive a warning on your talk-page. If you ignore the warning, it will result in a three-day block
  • You must categorize your article within thirty minutes of adding it, UNLESS you are unsure of what categories it belongs in. In this case, contact an admin via their talk page and they will assist you.
  • Add Categories ONLY if they are on the list of categories. If they aren't, they will be considered False Categories and dealt with accordingly.


Removing the Marked from Review Category

  • First offense is a one day ban from editing.
  • Second offense is a one week ban from editing.
  • Third offense and on- We will double your block for each time you do it.
  • Failure to Categorize Articles (without notification to an Admin)
  • First offense is a warning plus categorization by an admin.
  • Second offense is categorization by an admin accompanied by a one-day ban.
  • Third offense will be a 3 day ban, and the article will be marked as Unfinished.
  • Fourth offense and on- Page given the "Unfinished Page" category, accompanied by a one-week ban.

Adding or Creating Administrator Categories without Admin rights

  • ===First offense will be a warning on your talk page.===
  • Second offense will be a three-day block.
  • Third offense is a one week block.
  • Fourth offense, and afterward, the block will double.

Adding False Categories

  • ===First offense will be a warning on your talk page.===
  • Second offense will be a one-day ban for each category added not on the Category Listing.
  • Third offense will be a two-day ban, and afterward, the block will double.