Builder "Man" By thelostporkchop883

This is my first creepypasta, so it might be a little corny.

My name is Kennith. I am a ROBLOX fan and a Minecraft hater. I know all the administrators and extra accounts owned by Roblox employees. I check their profiles everyday to see if they made a new model or decal. I was checking them all on Friday the 13th. When I got to BuilderMan's profile I saw he was online. He was on a game called Void. I always wanted to join a famous administrator. So I did. I joined the game. I was in a server all by myself, but Builderman was there. I said hi. He said something that looked like an admin command. ":Function_Infect_Builderman_Devilmode=true" His face turned upside down. And lightning flashed. And I saw an Umberhallow cloak on him when it did. It disappeared when the lightning went away. Two noobs joined the game. Their names were Noob 1 and Noob 2. They went to builderman like anyone would. they crowded him. Then two giant black spikes came out of the ground and impaled the noobs. I heard a scream come from my brother and sister's rooms. I saw a chat appear above builderman's head that read "You will soon know a pitiful noob's life." My character turned into a noob. Builderman's gamertag floated over my head. It renamed itself to Noob 3. Lightning flashed and tied itself around me. I couldn't get away. I saw Buiderman with the Umberhallow cloak. He was slowly walking towards me. With every step he took another black spike under me rose up a bit, his face became more and more transparent, and the cloak more and more visable. He was so close. The spike was almost about to stab me. Then BuilderMan reached his hand out and touched me. The spike stabbed me. In my last moments I saw Builderman fall down onto the ground. I saw Umberhallow behind him. He looked down at Builderman and he had a chat that said "You killed him. I think not". Umberhallow reached at my screen and it broke. I saw Umberhallow's hand coming out of my broken computer screen. I heard screames coming from Builderman. Umberhallow's head is staring right at me. His eyes and mouth were on fire. Then I heard in a very demonic and dying sounding voice "emoH emocleW" That was Welcome Home backwards. he disappeared. Then my character looked down. That spike came out of the screen and stabbed me. Don't ever join Builderman.