I have been playing ROBLOX for a while. I have all of the badges, tons of friends, and a lot of famous places. I usually receive 50-100 messages a day from fans and haters. Today was a bit different. All of my messages are entitled something along the lines of, "Goodbye!" or, "We will all miss you!". I open up one of the messages, thinking it's just a prank. It reads, "Dude! You HAVE to check out this place! [Link Here]". I open up the place out of curiosity and what I see shocks me. I see 20 or so players looking at the spawn, as if they were expecting someone. They all line up in a circle as I join, overlooking the spawn area.

They have no faces. They have no hats. They have no gear. They are all black. They begin to chant, "Fade away, fade away. You will begone within the day." My character begins to fade into blackness. It begins with my arms. My face disappears. I leave the place before they do any more damage. I assume they were hackers in some kind of gang, so I brush it off and report the one username that I caught. I search it up in the top bar. "Let me see...", I think to myself. "It was... 'B3G0N3' I think..." I search it up. It shows no results. I look back at my character, and I see that everything in my inventory is gone!

My character's colors were all black. Out of curiosity, I go back to check my messages. I see I have none, but I didn't delete any. All of those "Goodbye" messages were gone, including the one that invited me to that hacker place. I logged off for a while, but that hacker place bugged me. I itched at going back to it, and I finally gave in. I log back on to ROBLOX, and my character turned all black and transparent. It continued to stay like this for about 10 minutes before my computer crashed. I immediately turn it back on, and I can't log in. I slowly look down from my computer. I start to fade to black. As black as black coal.