Eu Não Sou americano ok? Aprecie Minha crepy

I had joined a workout in my clan to receive promotion,i was wrong...

I walked in and so I had and one person in server,He was all in black his name was B4589 we were in a room,i asked where we were was quiet, left in the corner had a door It left two men in black Holding a man,Began to speak their names did not appear either in the server they spoke in English did not know what he was talking started playing a strange music There was a man in that room he was all white I opened the google translate and translation he spoke :

-Give me back! please!Help!

They were toward the man and the door closed, I tried to see the details of maximum,the room was empty all dark,The door was a white square that gave light After 1 minute I heard his screams in chat :


Then I heard one melancholy cry,Soon the game texture began to turn red,He left the list,I was the only After 1 minute the two left the room he left them and saw them full of blood I wondered "WHAT IS HAPPENING"

They said : Wait for the next generation my friend,I shocked I could not leave the game So I turned off the computer When I called he went straight to the page roblox , There was a new message was the B4589:

-Sorry to have bothered you 'll soon have good times , wait for the error B4589.

I had entered his profile was normal like any other,The browser was for a another page : error B4589 stay away.