Sooo hi everyone.Today i was thinking of checking LUA50's alt! Alowishuss!

Aww his place seemed cute,so i thought..Why not visit it? As i were playing i were freaked out of my mind..I were looking around as i could see Lua appearing and dissappearing.Yeah of course i left.Then as i looked at my character all of my things were erased.And i was dressed up as Lua..? Of course i made my character white cause i was scared.I started talking to my friend as suddenly i was logged out of my account.I logged back in,and i was AGAIN in the Lua morph.I changed again.This time,i visited the game and started walking around. .

I started spamming Lua50.As suddenly,when i looked behind Lua50 were in the game..I don't understand he was glitching and someshit..He were..Teleporting.Like a script.

I left the game again as i started thinking.I'm not sure what i were supposed to do.I searched up LUA50,i tried to find his ID,but i couldn't.

But then..THe moment..When..This popped up.. ..

Then i got this strange message.

From a guy called.."Lucas"

Lucas 7/16/2015 Report Abuse:"DON'T MESS WITH"

That's all.

I didn't reply...Why should i reply to him..He's creeping me out anyway,maybe it's a troll.

Then i started checking Luas profile,i tried to use the script in his status,but i put in his name instead.

That was my bad mistake.Lua came online.He started spamming my chat:"DIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIE"

Since i was a fucking dumb robloxian,i decided to block him.Sooo the days went fine but LUA were still on and he wouldn't go off.Robloxians started becoming poor as their robux and tix were getting erased..

What have I done..? Have I summoned a demon..? Did i get him back to life..? My mistakes cannot be explained.

The next day~~

I woke up as i walked to my computer...The name ..The everything..I..I was shocked..I looked at my computer as i was signed in to LUA50 and his status said:You're next.

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