WeirdI went into a Haunted House game and managed to find people to play with. I dominated all of the people in there, they all left after I kept on dominating them. So I left, then joined again. To my surprise I found the same people again. I dominated them and they left. I rejoined and then, they were there. I was seriously shocked and scared. So I left without dominating them, and without doing anything... My screen went black and in big Blood Red letters it said "Dominate Us..." I was hoping that was the key to stop this. I dominated them and they left, I left after. It just didn't stop, it put me back in. I kept on doing that over and over again. After 10 times,the people were just standing in front of me. Then they leapt out of the screen and scraped me number of times. I managed to run away from the house I was in, all alone. Then I woke up. I thought it was all over, It wasn't it happened all over again. Everytime they leapt out I woke up. Finally I woke up and decided not to play. I was still in the nightmare, some mysterious force pushed me into my chair and had me play the stupid game. I thought there was no hope. Then all of a sudden my friend showed up, and he said in a strong, echoing voice, "To get out you have to fight it, go to the place and just stand there. They can't stop that." I did exacting what he said and it surpisingly worked! I woke up from the dream, and nothing was pushing me to play the game. The voice said in my head one last time, "You're welcome. It'll never happen again."


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