Hello. Im ButtonMash987, a Roblox player (you don't say). I have experienced a guy named IAMSTILLHERE.

Let me tell you the story. I was browsing the Roblox page and i saw a message from that guy. I accepted it and he started chatting with me. "Hello." He said. I was terrified and replied with a single Hello?

A party from him appeared and i wanted to decline it...but i accepted.

I wanted to know who he is. The game appeared to be his place.

"Do you know who i am." He said. I replied with "Who are you?"

"IAMSTILLHERE. I think you don't know me. But i know who YOU are. I monitor everything in this place."

I was scared a bit. "How can you monitor it?" I said. "With hacks. You don't even know how powerful i am."

The whole place blacked out. "You see? I can break the whole system of the game."

The place looked normal. But he dissapeared. He blew me up. "But. Who exactly are you?" I said.

"Haha! Im your nightmare." The server connection failed.

I never saw him then again...i will make another part when i see him.