There is a user that goes by the name DarkPal666, and I don't think it's friendly!

So one day I woke up and did my regular morning routine! So then I decided to go play some roblox, I decided to play my brothers game, because I was bored! Then as I'm playing a player joins the game, it was DarkPal666, instantly I got a creepy vibe from it! So I was curious and I asked him, "Hi Who Are You", He didn't respond. So I ignored him for a while, but 5 minutes later everything in the game turns black! And I couldn't see my avatar! So then I instantly tried to log off but it said error! And kept saying that! Then outa nowhere the pal player says "Why...oh why". 5 minutes of waiting I panic and log off! Thank the lord I left! Since then I've never heard from DarkPal666.

Please, if your reading this, don't try to do anything with DarkPal666