Roblox Creepypasta Wiki

It was just a normal day in ROBLOX, I was looking for a game to play but then, I saw a unfamiliar game called S̸̨̪̽m̵̝͇̥̅ĭ̴̭͗l̵̊͑ͅḙ̶͓͐. It was made by an user named Gelechild. The thumbnail had looked familiar though. Although the game looking weird, I was wondering what it was so I joined the game.

The room telling you to RUN.png

The game looked weird as I thought it would look, it started by a hallway with doors you must have the right key to unlock it. When I got out of the hallway, I saw a short kinda like obby thing with the thumbnails photo at the end. When my character made it to the end, I entered a bright red room with text saying, "RUN" with loud music playing. After I did that, I saw something that looked like red fog, I climbed the thing and saw a long floor that was just gray.

I jumped on the weird floor and finally got to the end. I got teleported to a place that looked like a forest, I noticed a character that was all black with a mask that looked like it came from Lomando.

I then saw I could talk to it, when I first tried talking to it, I died and had to rejoin because it froze my character.

I rejoined and did everything again, when I got into the forest thing, I saw the character, tried talking to it. But it didn't work this time either.